Safety Resources


This year, Berkley Industrial Comp’s R.A.M.P. Team (Risk Assessment, Management, & Prevention) will highlight OSHA’s Top 10 Most Frequent Cited Violations. This campaign will cover one violation per month for the 2021 calendar year beginning with Fall Protection in February.

OSHA’s “Top 10” list provides employers with valuable insight into not only where they may be cited but also where there is a high potential for a workplace incident. It is important to recognize that many injuries and fatalities are preventable. The list varies very little each year, making it good to refresh employees annually and mitigate injuries.

Visit this page throughout 2021 to stay up-to-date with the latest safety resources.

KPA Risk Management Center

All Berkley Industrial Comp policyholders can utilize KPA Risk Management Center at no cost. This is an added perk of your workers’ compensation policy. To access your free account, email [email protected].

Toolbox Talks & Whitepapers

Our R.A.M.P. Team hopes to provide you with the most up-to-date, relevant safety information. Please visit our blog for a variety of downloadable material including Toolbox Talks, whitepapers, and more. If you know what you are searching for, simply click on the topic below.

In 2020, Berkley Industrial Comp’s R.A.M.P. Team (Risk Assessment, Management, & Prevention) launched the first “Home Safe for the Holidays” campaign. This yearly campaign runs from October to December and focuses on Wheels (driving/riding/working in highway construction zones), Gravity (working at heights/slips, trips, falls), and Complacency (inaccurate perception of risk/mind not on task).

The 2020 Home Safe for the Holidays campaign resources will be available on this page year-round.