Payment Solutions

With Three Ways to Pay, We Make It Easy & Convenient

Pay As You Go

Simplified Process | Simply Rewarding

Pay As You Go is an automatic premium billing program that allows employers to align their workers’ compensation premium with the existing payroll structure. The electronic payment solution calculates workers compensation premium from the actual payroll of the policy holder.

Payroll is consumed by class code as opposed to by employee as it has been done in the past, making the solution more convenient to use. Additionally, the deposit premium is generally reduced for all weekly and biweekly payroll reporting. The Pay As You Go on-line payment solution eliminates reliance on paper checks and mail saving both time and money for organizations.

Benefits Include:

» Lower Deposit Premium

» Cash Flow Management

» Easy & Convenient

» System Payment Reminders

» Two Options to Upload Payroll

» Weekly or Monthly Reporting*

» Client Summary Page

» Payroll is consumed by class code as opposed to by employee in most cases (excludes NV & NY), making the solution more convenient to use.

*Monthly reporting will require small deposit.

For more information please contact the Pay As You Go Administrator, at 800-448-5621 ext, 1158213, or download manual.

Download User Manual

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With Berkley Industrial Comp’s easy to use E-Bill system, paying your invoices and waivers of subrogation is easy. Enroll today and never mail Berkley Industrial Comp a paper check again.

Benefits Include:

» Quick and Easy Enrollment

» No further need to write a check to pay your premium

» No more worrying about your check being lost in the mail

» It’s simple to pay your invoices as they become due

» You control the date that money leaves your bank account

» E-bill can be set up to remind you of upcoming payments due and can let you know when you’ve missed a payment

» E-bill will provide you with an email to confirm that payment has been received

» You can pay your installment billings, collateral deposits and waivers of subrogation by using E-bill

» E-bill will automatically reflect any changes in installment amounts due as a result of endorsements

If you need to set up your account for payment, you will need the account number found on your invoice or you can log onto the Berkley Industrial Comp portal and select “Payment Solutions” and “Online Bill Pay” to obtain our account number. Note: Berkley Industrial Comp’s portal requires pre-registration.

Monthly Payroll Reporting

Berkley Industrial Comp’s traditional system, Monthly Payroll Reporting, is delivered along with the policy. The package contains a monthly report for each month of the policy duration. Monthly Payroll can now be input by logging on to Berkley Industrial Comp’s  portal and selecting “Payment Solutions” from the menu.

Download User Manual

imageDownload PDF