Mission and Core Values

Our Mission



Berkley Industrial Comp’s employees work together to create successful outcomes for everyone involved – the agents, customers and employees. Each year, our employees participate in several team building activities such as Kids’ Chance Awareness Week, off-site trainings and more. Our R.A.M.P. (Loss Control) and RESOLUTION (Claims) Teams are best in class in their respective fields and work together to make your experience as easy as possible.


At Berkley Industrial Comp, we are committed to you. Our ease of doing business model means we are always improving. For example, our Pay As You Go feature saves you time and money. Our employees participate in ongoing personal and professional development to make sure we are growing and constantly striving to be at the forefront of our industry to better serve our agents and customers.

Experience & Integrity

With 30 years of experience, Berkley Industrial Comp is a recognized expert in the industry. Our employees are accomplished and respected throughout the industry. We highly encourage all members of our team to have standard certifications in their field to better serve you.