Customer FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

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You need to fill out the registration form, found on our portal. Go to and click on “I’m an Insured.” to register. Be sure to have your policy number, effective date and company zip code as it is listed on the policy ready.

Login to the Berkley Industrial Comp portal and submit the First Report of Injury. A member of our RESOLUTION Team will respond within 24-hours. Note: The portal does require registration.

Our RESOLUTION Team also encourages you to download and print copies of the Supervisor’s Incident Investigation Report. This form should be used in the field for on the spot incident intake.

Our R.A.M.P. Team has the knowledge and expertise to help you. Share your needs with your Underwriter and they will assist you in seeking the appropriate information from our Loss Control Team.

We offer three payment options: Pay As You Go, E-Bill or Monthly Payroll Reporting. Go to the Payment Solutions page to learn more. You can login to the Berkley Industrial Comp portal ( to access payment processing options.

R.A.M.P. stands for Risk Assessment, Management and Prevention experts. The R.A.M.P. team is comprised of former miners, engineers, and technicians from all across the fields we serve, so we understand firsthand what it means to work these jobs in these environments.

The RESOLUTION team at Berkley Industrial Comp is more than just a Claims Department. They keep lost-time claims lower and close rates higher than the industry standard. The RESOLUTION team includes medical and claims professionals who review each claim individually.