“Safety is important not just to us and our families but to our employer as well.”

We are encouraged to be safe and to think about safety all the time. This takes place on the job, but off the job safety is just as important.

What we do on our own time is our own business, but we’re all part of a team, and it’s only natural that we’re concerned about each other’s welfare both on and off the job.

At work we are part of a safety network that extends into many areas. Here there are procedures, rules and regulations to follow.

But off the job we’re on our own.
We can leave our safety glasses off when remodeling our kitchen, and we can balance a ladder on a box when we’re painting the peak of our house and we might not hear a word out of anyone.

However, it takes a pretty immature person to deliberately leave safety at work. Still, there are times we all get a little careless and we need to guard against those times. The roads are prime areas of concern for safety away from work. We won’t attempt to go into all the aspects of traffic safety. They’re emphasized almost everywhere. However, we certainly need to be cautioned to keep a cool head while on the road. Be patient getting out of the parking lot and always keeping a close eye on the other driver.

To some degree, most of us are “do-it-yourselfers” around the home, and this is where an awful lot of people get injured. We have to be careful when using ladders. Making sure our ladder is safe to use before we climb on it, and don’t over reach or climb with our feet above the second from the top rung. When using tools, we must pick the right tool for the job. If a tool is in poor condition, it must not be used. Most all of us have power tools, and we must make sure they are always properly grounded with a three prong plug or that they are double insulated. The weather is something we can’t do anything about. Yet it affects our safety, so we must take precautions against it. Don’t work too long in the hot sun. This can catch up to you fast, particularly if you’ve worked hard all week at your regular job. Off the job safety should be second nature if we practice it in earnest at work. So we must keep an eye for hazards whether we’re on a golf course, on the road or doing yard work. We are a valuable employees and each of us fits into our overall operation and the overall manpower picture in our country. Our contributions to the economy would be difficult to replace if we’re injured on or off the job. Add this to the fact we are priceless to our families and it’s easy to see why a 24-hour safety effort is necessary.

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