Are You Aware?

Every day, we are all salespeople. In our relationships, we sell others on our opinions about books, movies and television. Parents sell their children on the importance of chores, vegetables and good behavior. Employees strive to sell their employer on their value as a worker. Business owners, managers and even CEOs not only sell products and services, but ideas and inspiration.

At its core, sales is really about communicating. In reality, we are all communicators. Outside of work, you may have many hobbies or beliefs for which you are passionate. Do you find it easy to tell others about these activities or views? Probably, you do.

We often share our excitement for favorite sports teams and we might solicit funds for a local charity. Perhaps you volunteer in your community or regularly review restaurants online. Because these things matter to us, we sell others on their importance as well.

You can translate this everyday sales mentality into the workplace.

Are You Prepared?

First, ask lots of questions.

We do this as part of our everyday life—seeking opinions as we plan vacations or choose elected officials. By leading with questions in a sales meeting or even casual conversation, you demonstrate humility. This communicates to the other individual that they are important and their opinion matters too.

By listening carefully and prompting questions based on answers, you will likely learn new information about a client and their business.

Some example questions:

  • How have things changed in your business lately?
  • What are you up to this weekend?
  • Our clients are reporting these trends. How do you see these affecting your business?
  • If you could overcome a challenge in your business, what would it be?
  • What do you hope will be different working with us?
  • What does success look like for you personally? For your business?
  • For your employees?
  • How can I help you best?

Source: Rain Sales Training, 21 Powerful Open Ended Questions

Next, view a sale as an act of service rather than a simple business transaction. Entrepreneur notes, “In sales, you only succeed when you help others succeed.” Customers come to you looking to have a particular need met. By serving this need, rather than merely closing a sale, you will build a relationship with a client. Often, this leads to more long-term success for both parties.

Finally, be a problem solver. Ideally, you are in sales because you believe this product or service will help solve problems for individuals or businesses. By asking questions, you may discern a problem you can help solve. People believe more of what they see than what they hear. Show how you can help. Use real scenarios as examples of your problem solving skills.

What Next?

As you continue to strengthen your selling techniques, consider how your everyday life is impacted by sales strategies. Develop questions that enable you to identify problems and scenarios you can help solve. Practice communication with your colleagues, clients and personal relationships.

Try getting to know your clients on a more personal level. Engage in conversation and research their company. By doing this, you’ll be better able to serve them, rather than simply sell to them.

Berkley Industrial Comp Difference

Berkley Industrial Comp strives to provide its clients with timely and accurate assistance for workers’ compensation. This is our sole focus. For nearly thirty years, Berkley Industrial Comp has served the high hazard industries of mining, construction and manufacturing providing quality workers’ compensation plans that provide security for our clients and their employees.

We understand the difficulties of a changing industry. Therefore, we provide unparalleled support through our R.A.M.P. (Risk Assessment Management & Prevention) Team and RESOLUTION Team. By offering our clients assistance in safety training and maintenance, we support industries as they strive to keep jobsites safe and accident-free.

When accidents occur, our availability to process claims and provide assistance is above standard. Our team of highly experienced underwriters carefully reviews and vets each new client to determine how we may best serve their needs.

We do not merely sell workers’ compensation plans. Rather we seek to build long-term relationships with clients who share our principles and values for protecting employees in high hazard industries.