You can work for years and hardly get a scratch, then one day a fall can turn your life around. Fall injuries may cause abrasions, fractures and dislocations. However, one of the most serious results of a fall, other than death, can be a head injury. How this will affect you depends upon which part of your brain has been injured as a result of a fall or impact. Broken bones usually heal, but head injuries can result in life long serious problems, such as:

  • Changes in personality, such as increased anxiety, depression or anger
  • Difficulties with eye and hand coordination, and inability to handle tools or play a sport well
  • Defects in vision and visual illusions
  • Short-term memory loss or interference with long term memory
  • Increased aggressive behavior
  • Difficulty in distinguishing left from right
  • Changes in social behavior
How you fall often determines your specific injury

From the time a worker loses a secure grip, footing or balance, until impact, several factors influence what part of the body will be injured and how severe the damage will be. They are:

  • Distance of the fall – momentum and velocity affect the impact on your body
  • The angle of the body at impact – we’re not like cats landing on all fours
  • The obstacles the body strikes – falling on railings, steps, or vehicles
  • The surface eventually landed on – grass or broken concrete & re-bar
What you can do: THINK!
  • Maintain focus on the task at hand; avoid distractions that can put you at risk of falling
  • Report unsafe conditions to the nearest supervisor
  • Make it a habit to work safely, regardless of time pressures and productivity goals
  • Practice caution at home – accidents and head injuries from falls happen more often off the job than at work
  • Know how to use fall protection and fall restraint equipment
  • Use handrails when walking along staircases
Stay Alert! Head injuries can have devastating consequences that may impact your life forever.

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