Summer can be a hot time for sales, but it can also be challenging. Scheduling sales calls and visits around vacations, and navigating claims can all be more difficult and time consuming. But it can also be an opportunity to set you apart from the crowd.

As the weather heats up, so does workplace injury, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics*. This can add extra stress for your clients, as they strategize how to keep their employees safe during this season. It can also add to their caseload, because they are taking care of claims and ensuring all parties are treated fairly. How do you keep your sales on track during this time?

Here are a few ideas:
Stay in Touch

If your clients and potential clients have a lot on their plates, they may need more attention from you. Take the extra time to make sure you connect with them regularly throughout this season. This will keep you fresh in their minds and keep communication open. It can also be a good opportunity for you pass along relevant info that may help them decrease claims.

Stay Visible

Summer is a great time to have some fun with your promotional products. Items like beach balls, personal fans, beach blankets and golf umbrellas are products that will get used – and keep your name visible. When a claim comes up or a potential client is looking to make a change, your name will be on the tip of their tongue. Even if your clients aren’t beach-bound, they can use these items in their everyday life, so they aren’t a wasted investment.

Stay Informed

With many people traveling in the summer, face-to-face meetings may not always be possible. Keep in contact by phone and email, and use the time you would normally be traveling to brush up on the latest industry news. Statistics, new research and any changes to guidelines are good for you to know about, and helps you provide increased value to your clients. If they know you’re a resource for them, they’ll be more likely to reach out to you. You can pass along the best info by email blast or newsletter, providing another point of contact with everyone.

As you start looking to the fall and cooler temperatures, don’t write off the summer as an opportunity to make sales. The methods of contact may be a little different from the rest of your year, but connecting with your clients is important in every season. You can be a valuable resource for them, especially when accident rates heat up.