Are You Aware?

Each year, insurance salespeople have the potential to increase their earnings and serve more clients. Today’s market enables salespeople to earn excellent wages while assisting businesses in the acquisition of this necessary company asset.

Good marketing can certainly increase your sales potential, but in addition, serving as an advisor to existing clients can help maintain relationships as well as increase referrals for prospective clients. Agent Branding System remarks, “According to multiple sources (including Harvard Business School), it’s up to seven times more expensive to acquire new customers than it is to retain existing ones.”

So what can you do to maintain a solid relationship with clients? Experts recommend, if you really want to see your sales increase, become the alignment between clients and their needs. Choosing insurance like workers’ compensation can be complicated, and small businesses often appreciate advisement.

This strategy will enable you to best serve your clients’ unique needs, while building the trust necessary to gain new clients.

Are You Prepared?

When it comes to making new sales, or increasing existing portfolios, it is important to capitalize on your strengths, as well as to follow and experiment with market trends. Once you discover a sales strategy that works, maintaining your client relationships and staying abreast of changes in business and industry will continue to build your expertise.

Keep up with technology.

Maybe you develop a mobile app, so your clients can access new information easily and quickly. Or you build a website that is navigable and visually appealing. Either way, remain aware of changing technology that could help increase your sales.

A social media presence is important for clients to find and contact you. Don’t worry about having an account for every platform. Choose the one that works best for your engagement with clients.

With your website, analyze your Google ranking and utilize SEO (search engine optimization). Consider adding relevant website content that not only helps attract new prospects but can retain and inform your current clients of market trends or changes.

Keep learning.

In the insurance industry, credentials are important. So is real world application. Clients look to you for advice about how emerging issues may affect their business and insurance coverage. For instance, how should drug policies be managed with regard to new laws for medical and recreational marijuana usage?

Though you may be early in your career, referencing the combined expertise of your company reassures clients they are dealing with experts. Learn from your co-workers. Put into play the practices bringing them success.

Keep up your relationships.

At the end of the day, people make sales. Satisfied clients may lead you to prospective clients.

Therefore, don’t forget to offer new products or offerings to your current customer base. Because they already know and trust you, the likelihood of increasing your sales is better. Remember, sales thrive when relationships are built. By keeping up with your current clients’ needs, you are demonstrating understanding and care.

Keep developing your sales strategy.

Determine the sales strategy that works best for your clients. What kind of premium or payment plan will work with their income flow? Does this client want guidance as they optimize their own plan, or do they need a simple decision? As you work with prospective clients, ask key questions that will help guide your advice.

  • How does this business want to treat their employees?
  • How does that fit with how they want to run their business?
Keep marketing in unique ways.

Don’t only rely on social media, your website, or even referrals to promote your business. Look for new and different ways you can stay at the forefront of clients’ and potential clients’ minds.

  • Emergency wallet cards
  • Refrigerator magnets
  • Cellphone wallets
  • Pop-sockets
  • Mini- flashlights
What Next?

As you look for ways to increase sales in the next year, perform a self- examination.

  • Determine which marketing insurance strategies work for you and help you increase customer service and new client contact.
  • Develop an actionable sales strategy.
  • Ask questions of colleagues and clients.

Berkley Industrial Difference

With Berkley Industrial Comp, we solely focus on workers’ compensation. In addition to offering ease of doing business through our excellent customer service, we have nearly thirty years of industry experience in the high hazard field.

This means we strive to remain on top of market trends and changes. Our OnPoint program is an excellent example of our effort to address the opioid crisis. With rapid, reasonable and fair settlement of claims, we remain at the top of the industry for meeting client needs.

By seeking to build long-term relationships with like-minded companies and individuals, we continue to enhance our offerings. We believe our customers are more than people we insure. To us, they are family, and we want to take care of them to the best of our ability.