What does Take Five mean?

It is a reminder to stop and think about myself, others and the environment before I act. Whether it is using the proper tool, donning appropriate personal protective equipment, buying the greener option, or minimizing waste, we have the choice to make a positive impact.

Prior to beginning a new task, workers should “Take Five” minutes to consider how to do the job safely:
  • Walk down to the work area
  • Review the hazards and plan with the team members
  • Discuss what could go wrong
  • Consider how to minimize environmental impact
  • Identify the tools, materials, PPE, signs and barriers required
  • Review the training needed for the work activity and write a Job Safety Analysis that includes all the required elements to properly mitigate the associated risks
“Take Five” seconds to think about what you’re going to do:
  • Have I established a safe work area?
  • Am I using the necessary personal protective equipment?
  • Am I using the necessary safety measures? (Hazard Analysis, LOTO, ALARA…)
  • Do I have the time necessary to complete the task safely?
Upon completion of the task, “Take Five” more minutes…

Use these to focus on continuous improvement.

  • Ensure you are leaving the work area free of hazards!
  • Review how the task was completed (discuss what went well and capture opportunities).
  • Discuss whether or not the JSA needs to be revised.
Make sure these observations are recorded so the necessary changes can be made.

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