Best Management Practices (BMP’s)

There is always a risk for an oil spill when dispensing fuels and oils. Leaks and drips are common, but they are also preventable. Below are some BMP’s that may help prevent spills, drips, and leaks that occur during fueling operations.

Fuel Dispensing Tips
  • Park in the designated fueling area
  • Chock wheels to prevent departure before fueling is complete
  • Do not leave vehicle or equipment unattended while fueling
  • Know the location of emergency shut-off devices and the nearest spill kit
  • Maintain a spill kit at the fuel island
  • Check the area for leaks, drips and spills before departing
  • Promptly clean up leaks and drips, no matter the size
  • Respond immediately to a spill
  • Stop product transfer
  • Contain the spill
  • Notify your supervisor
Practice Good Housekeeping
  • Do not “top-off” tanks
  • Use buckets and drip pans to control drips and leaks
  • Keep nozzles contained when not in use

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