Welcome to Adjusted, a podcast for claims enthusiasts! Episode one is now live and takes an inside look not only at our hosts, Greg Hamlin & Claire Muselman, but hones in on the keys to proper claims reporting.

Why is it important to report claims timely?

ESTABLISH A RELATIONSHIP! The workers’ compensation system is not an easy one to navigate. When a worker is injured, there are a lot of questions and fear of the unknown. In order to combat the anxiety and angst that can arise, proper claims reporting can help with the relationship between the injured worker, the employer, and the insurance carrier. Establishing a relationship with the injured worker allows for an explanation of the process to be completed timely while ensuring the process is understood by the injured worker. It can alleviate questions, concerns, and fear of the unknown. It also allows for accountability to be established pertaining to who is responsible for what sections as well as how communication will continue moving forward. Having clear expectations of each party involved allows for a smooth process throughout the lifecycle of the claim.

BUILD TRUST. By the established accountability and by being transparent in communication with the process, the more this is demonstrated throughout the claim, the more trust the injured worker has in the process and the more trust the employer has with their injured worker. This process can be challenging and therefore, having adjuster do what they say they are going to do in regards to proactive communication and benefit payment issuing helps build trust with the injured worker and the employer.

INVESTIGATION. It is imperative claims are filed timely to have a thorough investigation completed. When claims are reported properly it allows the adjuster to obtain pertinent information and allows the determination of a claim as quickly as possible. All relevant facts are freshly available as well as witnesses to obtain statements and videos if there is recorded footage. Proper claims reporting also allows for follow-up investigation as needed through the life of the file as new issues arise.

TIMELY MEDICAL TREATMENT. The quicker an injured worker can obtain a diagnosis of what transpired, the better because now they know what has happened and it becomes a plan of how to get to the recovery phase of healing.

From the Sound Booth

With each episode recap, you can find exclusive bits of fun in this portion of the blog, From the Sound Booth. These golden nuggets come from the recording studio of ADJUSTED and help listeners get to know our co-hosts, hosts, and the Berkley teams a bit more along the way…

“G-funk” and “C-Money’s” senior pictures from high school.
In the testing phases of the podcast, Greg would mic check with interesting stories about his childhood. During one mic check, Greg shared the story of how he got his nickname “G-funk” with the group, which in turn, inspired Claire to join in as “C-Money.”