Earlier this week, Berkley Industrial Comp participated in the 2019 Kids’ Chance Awareness Week by hosting a company-wide fundraiser.  We encouraged our team members to donate through a Football Fan Change War Challenge!  Employees submitted their favorite professional and college teams to be included. We had 9 college teams and 8 professional teams competing for the top spot! Because our company is very familiar with the mission of Kids’ Chance and something that we talk about year-round. We used this week to raise funds for the organization and have some fun!

The rules were simple. Coin donations were positive points for a team (or teams) of choice, while dollar bill donations were negative points against rival teams. We placed buckets in the lobby so everyone could see where their favorite team stacked up. Our team goal was to raise $300 in one week.

We are so pleased to report we raised $673 which our company president matched bringing our total to $1,346.00. Obviously, we have some avid football fans but it is easy to donate to such a worthy cause.

If you are not familiar with Kids’ Chance and their mission, please visit https://www.kidschance.org/ .