24/7/365 Physician Care

When a worker suffers an injury on the job, make MedCall Advisors the first step in your care plan. It’s a medical call center that immediately connects the worker with a physician Board Certified in Emergency Medicine via app, phone or web browser. The physician assesses and diagnoses the injury and provides detailed instructions for treatment, return to work instructions and any work restrictions. This can reduce liability and costs while producing better patient outcomes.

This partnership originally began as a trial late last year. The feedback from customers was amazing, and therefore, MedCall Advisors is now offered to ALL Berkley Industrial Comp policyholders who wish to sign up. Policyholders are encouraged to sign up before injury happens!

MedCall is Different than Nurse Triage
  • Nurses can’t diagnose illness or injury
  • Nurses can’t prescribe treatment
  • Nurse Triage can entail costly 3rd party physicians
  • Physician diagnosis reduces liability and assures appropriate care
  • MedCall Physicians are Board Certified in Emergency Medicine
If you would like to sign up or want more information, contact Cindy Housel at 1-800-488-5620 ext. 1158220 or [email protected].

Follow along below to see how MedCall Advisors can help after an injury.