Berkley Industrial Comp is excited to announce the kick-off of our inaugural “Home Safe for the Holidays” campaign. Our R.A.M.P. Team (Risk Assessment, Management, & Prevention) will partner with our customers to focus on critical areas where serious injuries can often occur and implement proactive safety measures. Through these measures, we hope to help employees make it home safely every day during the holiday season. Our R.A.M.P. Team’s primary focus will be Wheels (driving/riding/working in highway construction zones), Gravity (working at heights/slips, trips, falls), and Complacency (inaccurate perception of risk/mind not on task).

The “Home Safe for the Holidays” campaign will launch on October 19, 2020, and will continue through the end of December 2020. Every two weeks, our R.A.M.P. Team will highlight a major key area. The schedule of highlights are as follows:

November 2nd to November 15th – WHEELS
November 16th to November 29th – GRAVITY
November 30th to December 13th – COMPLACENCY
December 14th to December 31st – Wrapping up just in time for the New Year!

Follow along as we help employers keep their most valuable assets safe during the holidays. Stay up to date on all “Home Safe for the Holidays” materials by following us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and checking our Safety Resources page on Berkley Industrial Comp’s website.

For more information or questions regarding the “Home Safe for the Holidays” campaign, contact your Risk Management Consultant.