There are many precautions that can be put into place prior to an injury occurring at the worksite. Safety managers are able to limit the number of risks. Injuries are still going to happen.

Every Berkley Industrial Comp policyholder has access to a RESOLUTION Specialist. It’s a good idea to get to know our team prior to an injury occurring. Our team is a wealth of information.

Managers need to be aware of nearby providers before the injury happens. It could be detrimental to an employees’ health or life to be underprepared in a time of emergency. Contact your RESOLUTION Specialist prior to injuries to find nearby providers and familiarize yourself with transportation plans.

Berkley Industrial Comp offers our policyholders access to preferred providers for out of town locations. When traveling for a job, contact your RESOLUTION Specialist to find providers in the new area to prepare for the unexpected.

Not only will knowing who your providers are in advance help cut down the time to get injured worker care but it can also reduce the overall cost of the claim.

View our RESOLUTION Kit to find your RESOLUTION Specialist today.